Audio Technica ATW-r3100D with ATW-T341 wireless mic
Product Code: Audio Technica ATW-r3100D with ATW-T341 wireless mic
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The ATW-r3100D receiver features frequency adjustable UHF reception, allowing access of up to 200 user selectable channels. Diversity reception allows 2 build-in, independent receivers to relay on a single frequency for the strongest possible reception. The rear panel reveals both unbalanced 1/4" Phone and balanced XLR outputs. A comprehensive back-lit LCD display reveals channel and frequency settings, signal status and transmitter battery status. The receiver also features a ground lift switch, convenient in settings where bad power feeds result in ground hum and noise on the output stage. 
This unit operates in the still legal range of 655-680mhz.
The ATW-T341 handheld transmitter includes the stage-proven Artist Elite® AE4100 cardioid dynamic element.

Units were pulled out of a council chamber where they were rarely used.  It has been bench tested and works great.

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