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The SACD mods DVD-3930 modification builds upon all the good points of the player's design.  As one of Denon's high-end audio players, the 3930 uses a linear power supply with extremely oversized filtering capacitors from Elna.  The extent of power supply mods necessary with this player is to just change out the stock rectifier diodes with a quad of fast recovery epitaxial diodes, resulting in an even smoother sound.  The audio clock was swapped out for a D-Clock at 24.576 MHz, which is an audio specific frequency for 24 bit encoded music.  The Denon AL24 processing appears to be operating off of this clock.  As always, a clock mod results in smoother, less fatiguing sound by eliminating any remaining digital jitter.   Finally, the output stage was modified to take full advantage of the parallel DAC topology.  The current outputs of the DACs are connected into pairs at the PC board, then the current signals run to the ZapFilter output stage through a single twisted pair of Cardas silver wire in Teflon jacketing.  The ZapFilter outputs are connected to the Cardas GRFA RCAs and/or Neutrik XLRs by way of Mogami Neglex stranded oxygen free copper wire.  The ZapFilter power supply had to be mounted externally to take in account the high ambient temperatures already produced by the 3930's power supplies and video processor.  Connections to the external power supply enclosure are made by a 5 foot handmade umbilical cord that is designed to not be susceptible to noise.  This modification takes at least one full day to complete due to the external PSU, but the results are well worth the time and expense.

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