Apple iPod Classic 6th Generation Black (160 GB) media palyer
Product Code: Apple iPod Classic 6th Generation Black (160 GB) media palyer
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It’s back to basics with the iPod classic, a nod to the digital music player that started it all. The only thing you’ll find similar between this iPod and the iPod of old however is the name. The iPod classic comes in multiple storage configurations up to 160 GB! That’s 40,000 songs, or 200 hours of video, all in the palm of your hand. Album art, pictures, TV shows, and movies all pop off the bright and sharp 2.5 inch LCD display, and with battery life that will last for up to 30 hours of use, you’ll never have to worry about the iPod classic losing power before you do.

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Jack SteinVery scary idea. But th1#at82&7s one of those TEOTWAWKI events that you can&#8217t really plan for. You can just hope you&#8217ve done enough already to survive afterwards, if you live through the main event.

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