3000 Watt Home Theater System 5.1 Surround Sound SD USB
Product Code: 3000 Watt Home Theater System 5.1 Surround Sound SD USB
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  • 5.1 Digital DTS Ready True Surround Sound
  • 2 Auxillary Audio Inputs enables to connect 3 audio devices and control them via remote
  • USB and SD memory slot to play MP3 & WMA songs directly from woofer
  • Compatible with any brand or style PC,CD,DVD,MP3,IPOD or TV including Plasma and LCD
  • 3000 Watt PMPO (Peak Power) and 100 Watt RMS (Actual Power)
  • Digital Touch Screen with infrared remote control and extra fuse
  • Can be operated as either 5.1 Surround or Stereo Sound
  • Dolby Digital HQ Bass Technology
  • High Performance, High Quality Surround Sound System comes with 1 year Free Warranty

Are you an avid movie fan searching for a full featured surround sound speaker system, or maybe you’re a gamer and would like to enhance your virtual experience with explosive sound ? You might be a student looking for an affordable system for your dorm or apartment, or a business professional hoping to add surround sound to your desktop. Perhaps you would just like to improve your home entertainment system, or the sound quality of your PC, CD, DVD, MP3, Tuner or TV. You have just found the answer ! The Frisby FS5500 is just what you are looking for. It offers good looks, superior performance and great value. Stop paying high prices for Bose, Logitech, or JBL. Frisby FS5500 provides premium performance at an economic price.

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